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2003 CQ WW SSB (25-26 Oct) [N1HRA]
2003 CQ WW CW (29-30 Nov)
2004 CQ WW CW (27-28 Nov) [KQ1F]
2005 CQ WW SSB (29-30 Oct)
2005 CQ WW CW (26-27 Nov) [KQ1F]
2006 CQ WW SSB (28-29 Oct) [KQ1F]
2006 CQ WW CW (25-26 Nov) [KQ1F]
2007 CQ WW SSB (27-28 Oct) [W3TB/K3YD]
2008 CQ WW CW 160m (26-27 Jan) [WA4PGM]
2008 CQ WW CW (29-30 Nov) [OH1VR]
2009 ARRL DX SSB (7-8 Mar) [K3PH/W3MF]
2010 CQ WW CW (27-28 Nov) [WA4PGM]
2011 CQ WPX SSB (26-27 Mar) [N1SNB]
2011 CQ WW RTTY (24-25 Sep) [WW3S ND8L]
2012 ARRL DX Phone Contest [N6WIN]
2012-07-[13 -22] EME QSOs [DL9MS]
2012 CQ WW SSB (27-28 Oct) [N1SV]
2013 ARRL DX Phone Contest [WA1Z W6PH]
2013 CQ WW RTTY (27-29 Sep) [WW3S ND8L K3GP]
2014 CQWW RTTY (27-28 Sep) [WW3S ND8L]
2014 CQWW SSB (25-26 Oct) [N1SV]
2015 CQWW SSB (- Oct) [WA1Z W6PH]

is the callsign of the VP9I DX  Club and is used during contests by club members.
Membership is open to all amateur radio operators.

In major contests it may help overcome any problems with signing <homecall/VP9>.

As with any special contest callsign which is used numerous times, QSLing can be a problem.


WW3S is the manager for VP9I
QSLs are accepted either via the (ARRL) bureau or direct.
Cards sent to the VP9 QSL Bureau cannot be confirmed. 

For Direct cards:

  • USA only: please enclose a S.A.S.E.
  • Non-USA ("DX") Stations, please enclose a  S.A.E. plus:
  • US$2 or 1 IRC (Must be properly stamped, new type only accepted)
  • Loose US stamps are also welcome for USA. (I cannot use stamps or currency from other countries)
QSLs received direct but without a self-addressed envelope or without sufficient return postage, will receive confirmations via the bureau.

Direct QSLs should be sent to:
James S Tolbert
21986 Russet Drive
Meadville, PA 16335
2004 CQWW CW (27-28 November)
2005 CQWW CW (26-27 November)
2006 CQWW Phone (28-29 October)
2006 CQWW CW (25-26 November)
Contests to KQ1F:
Charlotte L Richardson
11 Michigan Dr
Hudson, MA 01749
2012 ARRL DX Phone (18-19 February) Contest to N6WIN:
Tim Coker
6934 London Ave
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701
VP9I EME QSOs 13 -22 July 2012:
QSL: only direct to Joe, DL9MS (no QSL via bureau)
Joachim Werner
Kastanienstr. 21
18209 Bad Doberan

CQWW CW Records
Multi-Single (unofficially broken in 2013)
VP9AD, 1993
QSOs 5,875
Zones 152
DX 502
Total Score:  9,323,424
Operators:  KI3V N3AD N3RD
VP9I @VP9GE, 2004
QSOs: 5,790
Zones: 123
DX 450
Total Score:  7,398,003
Operators WA1S K1XM KQ1F
Single Operator
VP9I @VP9GE, 2003
QSOs:  4,827
Zones: 120
DX: 386
Total Score 5,854,420
Operator K1XM
Single Operator QRP
CQWW SSB Records
VP9AD, 1989
QSOs:  16,449
Zones: 171
DX:  628
Score:  32,003,945
Operators VP9AD G4CNY N2ME and others
VP9AD, 1992
QSOs: 8,138
Zones: 163
DX:  641
Total Score: 16,058,292
Operators VP9AD N3AD N3RD and others
AA4V/VP9, 2011
QSOs:  7,695
Zones 140
DX 444
Total Score 10,582,080
Operators AA4V N4SF
VP9I @VP9GE, 2012
QSOs: 3,660
Zones: 108
DX: 351
Total Score 3,795,930
Operator N1SV
Single-Op QRP
VP9AD, 1988
QSOs: 1,024
Zones: 59
DX: 123
Total Score 406,224
VP9I @VP9GE, 2013
Total Score
Operators WW3S ND8L K3GP

You can check the log entries to see if you are included.

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