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P.O. Box 1555, Hamilton HM FX, Bermuda
Voice: 441-293-2525 Fax: 441-295-3559
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Assistance in obtaining a /VP9 license is given on a no-cost basis (and the reciprocal licence costs nothing too) - I (Ed - VP9GE) only need a copy of your operating permit and the dates and (my - Ed - VP9GE) place of operation. Further information on licensing:

Visitor Information

In order to make your vacation to our island a special one, the Regualory Authority offers a reciprocal operating license at no cost to the visiting ham.  It’s very easy to obtain by any of the following three ways:

  1. e-mail a copy of your license, along with the dates of your visit and the address at which you will be staying (if travelling by cruise ship or sailing boat, just say so).  The RA Telecommunications contact person is Beverly Evans.  (Click on her name to send an e-mail)
  2. Fax a copy of your licence, along with the dates of your visit and the address at which you will be staying to: (441) 474-6048 (Attn.: Beverly Evans)
  3. You can also walk into the RA Telecommunications office and present your information in person.  The process usually only takes about 15 minutes or so. The office is located at: Regulatory Authority, Craig Appin House; 1st Floor, 8 Wesley Street, Hamilton HM11, Bermuda. This is located very near to the main Bus Terminus and City Hall.

At this time, only those operators who are General Class and above may operate on the island.  It is also important to note you will be restricted to 100 watts of power during your stay.  We encourage you to use our local repeater systems.  Our main repeater is on 146.22 transmit / 146.82 receive.  If this repeater is not active, check the 146.34 / 146.94 repeater.

Please feel free to use the IRLP function, which is available on the main repeater.  We ask that you announce that you will be accessing it before transmitting and close the node after your transmission is over.  Key in “73” on your keypad to close the IRLP machine.  By the way, our Node number is 8522, just in case your friends want to contact you while you’re on the island.

We also have EchoLink active on our repeater, in case you’d prefer to use that method of communication.  Just make sure you know the Node number of the station you wish to contact and remember to key in “73” on your keypad to close the link when you’re finished.

We look forward to your visit and hope you enjoy your time in Bermuda!

 Rigs (You can bring your own rig* or we can make a rig available)

Yaesu FT-920 (with IRC CW filter) - control through DB-9 connector (works with N1MM fb)

(to avoid disappointment, check availability first, the Bermuda climate takes a heavy toll on radios)

Antennae (Cushcraft originals before MFJ by-out)
160m Inverted L
80m Dipole

40m Dipole
Cushcraft A4S Triband (20/15/10 metre) Four Element Yagi (on Strumech tower and HAM-M rotator [manual control box])
6 metre Yagi may be added if you wish

Antenna switching
 Ameritron RCS-4 (includes AC o/p adapter)

Power Supplies
MFJ-4245MV MFJ 12V/45A
JTPS45 Jetstream 12V/45A

Bermuda uses 120VAC/60Hz reliable power.
All outlets at Tarrafal are 3 prong (modern) grounded outlets.

 We also provide:
An operating desk (a couple available)
An operating chair
(a couple available)
A customised "hutch" which carries accessories on shelves which will be clear of your notebook display

NOTE: Some other older locations on the island may use 2 prong (symmetrical) un-grounded outlets. Bring an adaptor in case you run your notebook (or something else) somewhere else.
It you don't, you may have to take pliers and break off the ground pin(!)
Adaptors can be bought at Ace Hardware, TruValue, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. in the USA 3 to 2 prong adapter
Too late? Ace Hardware in Bermuda is at Gorhams. TruValue is here.

Important Notes:
Maintainance of most antennae, rigs and power supplies partly made by the webmaster, VP9KF.

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