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1 Tarrafal Drive, Hamilton CR 04, Bermuda - Voice: 441-293-2525 | Maidenhead locator: FM72pi Location: 32.350N, 64.720W
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Air Travel

Bermuda International Airport (BDA) - L.F. Wade
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Flight Schedules

Some flights are seasonal (typically April to October).
You can now fly on Bermuda's very own BermudAir. Cheaper, newer.
Also, daily freight flight (757) from Newark NJ, numerous corporate jets and RAF Typhoon and in-flight refuellers (often going on 'Red Flag' exercises)

Ship Travel

Many cruise ships visit Bermuda. A schedule is given by the Government Department of Marine and Ports Services.
If in any doubt, consult your Cruise line about details. Some sailings may be cancelled, re-directed or become a "trip to nowhere" in the case that there's an active tropical storm or hurricane. Remember that there is nowhere else out there in the Atlantic to divert to! The massive wind load and restricted turning area at the main cruise dock in Bermuda makes it somewhat more vulnerable to cancellation and the only way in/out (North Channel) takes 3 hours to traverse the reefs with very little room for error.
You can see the current Marine status, including ferries, at Marine Traffic.

 Buses and Ferries

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The bus and ferry ticketing system is currently changing from paper to electronic billing. Check the Government site.
Information can be found at Shorelink or contact at 441-292-3851 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Sunday).
Training of drivers started on [2024-05-20 to 2024-05-23].
We will be including changes as they occur, with some links to news stories from the Royal Gazette, BerNews and others.

The system will start in 'hybrid' mode - old tickets and parts of the new system both in use.
Royal Gazette - 2024-05-17
Royal Gazette - 2024-05-19 - 24th June start date given.
Royal Gazette - 2024-06-22 - "Fare payment system hits the skids"
Royal Gazette - 2024-07-09 - "Public Transport digital fare app goes live"
Royal Gazette - 2024-07-13 - "Digital fares bring...." but progressing

Current expected timeline
Start Date
Smart Cards
Before 2024-06-24
After 2024-07-08


Notes on the bus system

Bus stops are marked by shelters and/or poles. If the pole is pink this indicates that the stop is for buses heading into Hamilton; whereas if it is blue, the stop serves buses heading away from Hamilton. Bermuda now has a fleet of nearly all fully-electric buses.

Buses stop by request only i.e. if someone is waiting at the stop (if you don't want it to stop, wave it on) or somebody requests that the bus stops by pressing one of the buzzers onboard. If asked, most bus drivers will gladly announce a visitor’s destination on arrival. Let those leaving the bus do so, before trying to get on board.

When boarding the bus it is considered polite to greet the bus driver; especially before asking for information. Visitors may notice that many Bermudians greet not only the driver but will say a cheerful ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ to their fellow passengers.

Notes on the 'legacy' fare system

Prices for Bus and Ferry Passes (combined):
1 day pass $19
2 day pass $31.50
3 day pass $44
4 day pass $48.50
7 day pass $62
1 month pass $69
3 month pass $169

These can be bought at the main bus terminal in Hamilton or at any Post Office (inc. Crawl PO near Marketplace, Shelley Bay).

These are quite expensive and can be unreliable (meaning that if you are going to the airport or cruise dock make sure you have plenty of time!)

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