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P.O. Box 1555, Hamilton HM FX, Bermuda
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 Seppo, OH1VR/VP9
  (August 2007, November 2007,November 2008, November 2009, May 2012)

Dear Ed,

I and Zaba OH1ZAA arrived to Bermuda for a small scale Six Meters DX-pedition on May 7th. Our aim was to work Europe on six. On May 10th at 1527 UTC I spotted my self into DX Summit. A couple of minutes later my 'OH Pile Up' started: OH3XA, OH2ZH, OH3UU, OH3BYZ, OH2ZZ and 20 minutes
later still OH3FK. I made first ever OH - VP9 contacts!
It was more than we expected. Coming to distant place from home and working home on six was unbelievable. Our trip to Bermuda ended on May 13th - not a single beep from any other EU -stations during our stay.

I would like to say: Mission Achieved! More at: oh1vr.net and PDF of the event available here.

Seppo OH1VR (This was my sixth trip to Bermuda and Ed's VP9GE place)

Dear Ed,
Thank you very much for your great hospitality during my five days stay in Bermuda. Operating from your site was again a pleasure: Huge Pile up's on all bands with 100 watts. Total: 3400 q's - over 1000 q's on 160 mtrs was more than I expected.

A participation into 2010 CQ WW 160 mtrs contest was the theme of my fourth trip to Bermuda. Earlier I have participated twice CQ WW CW SB 20 LP
from your QTH (3rd and 2nd in the World in my class). It seems that this time my 881 q's and the score about 0,5 million points will be enough for the place among top six scores.

I can say: The aim was achieved!

This was a good start for my '50 years as OH1VR' mini dxpeditions series.

73, Seppo OH1VR

Dear Ed,
Thank you very much for your great hospitality during my first - not last - visit to Bermuda.

My OH1VR/VP9 - operation produced total 1626 QSO's in 18.5 hours.
Almost 1500 of q's were on CW and some 100+ on SSB.
On 14 MHz the number of q's was over 1000,
on 10 MHz 400+ and on 7 MHz some 100+.
67% of my QSO's were to Europe, 23 % to North America,
9 % to Asia (e.g. more than 100 JAs).
South America, Africa and Pasific only about 1 % of QSO's.

 73 Seppo OH1VR/VP9

I visited Bermuda for the first time in my life August 2007, second time three months later for  CQ WW CW in November and third time...soon again.

We (I and OH3SR) arrived to Bermuda five hours before the start of the CQ WW CW. Because all was well prepared by you we almost just switched radios
on and started the operation.

My SOSB 14 MHz LP produced over 2100 q's, 108 c's and 28 z's in 24 hours. In addition to that I worked after the contest some 700 q's on other

This e-mail is also my tentative new reservation for 2008 CQ WW CW! More about it later.

I thank you very much for the good care taking. You made our trip to successful.

73, Seppo OH1VR
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